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Working time

Find the best way to manage working hours and rest breaks.

Here you'll find information and sample policies to inform your workplace practice.

Working hours in the UK

The CIPD has a factsheet which looks at the context and law around British working time.



Directgov explains how overtime is worked out according to your contract, including whether you are entitled to pay and how much overtime you must work.

Rest breaks

Directgov outlines employees' rights to breaks. This includes the kinds of breaks you can receive and any variations between professions.

Working time limits (the 48-hour week)

Directgov explains the limits of working time as set out the Working Time Regulations and Directive. It looks out what will and will not count as working time and how you can opt out of the regulations.

Manage overtime

This information by Business Link provides an introduction to handling the legal and management issues involved with overtime.

Sunday working and night working

Business Link outlines the laws around Sunday working and night working. It also provides information about how to best look after Sunday and night staff.

Hours, rest breaks and the working week

Business Link explains the rules about the workers' working hours and how best to manage them.

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