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Volunteers are a valuable asset to your organisation for the skills and enthusiasm they offer your cause.

Learn how to manage volunteers effectively and find the practical tools to help you here.

Pay and expenses

Gov.uk provides examples of how volunteers expenses may be handled incorrectly, and result in the volunteer being able to claim the National Minimum Wage.

source: www.gov.uk

Volunteering in the Arts Toolkit

Volunteering England and Voluntary Arts have produced guidance to help arts organisations to recruit and manage volunteers effectively. This guidance is available to download as a PDF.

Volunteer driving

The Association of British Insurers has put together a list of car insurance providers that do not charge extra for using a vehicle for volunteering as a driver.

source: www.abi.org.uk

Clinks Volunteering Guides

Clinks has developed a number of guides on setting up volunteering schemes working with the criminal justice system. The guides cover user-involvement, setting up a project, managing volunteers, demonstrating effectiveness and quality standards.

source: www.clinks.org

Family Support Volunteer Practice Toolkit

Family Lives has produced guidance for setting up a volunteer programme aimed at providing family support. The toolkit is relevant to those introducing volunteer schemes in other areas too - and covers assessing your clients' needs, establishing a volunteering scheme, recruiting volunteers, training, supervising/managing, rewarding volunteers and measuring impact.

Internships in the arts

The Arts Council has produced guidance on how to structure high quality internships within arts organisations.

The Olympic Games

Acas answers key questions from employers that have staff volunteering at the Olympics in London during 2012.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Internships explained

This guidance from Volunteering England provides in-depth explanation of the legal status of volunteers - and suggests some practical ways to manage an internship effectively. This document is available to download in PDF.

Work experience placements that work

CIPD provides some basic guidance together with a checklist and agreement to help you create a work experience placement for someone aged 18-24.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Volunteering while getting benefits

The Department for Work and Pensions has updated its booklet on how volunteering works while individuals are claiming benefits. 

source: www.dwp.gov.uk

Inspiring volunteers

A new Media Trust guide written by i-volunteer is now available to download. The guide contains some great tips and case studies that will help organisations, volunteers and social action groups to communicate and recruit volunteers.

Recognise, Support, Invest: Your guide to valuing volunteer management

This guidance produced by Volunteering England as part of the Value Volunteer Management campaign describes what valuing volunteer management looks like in practice. It outlines some practical pointers for voluntary and community organisations to action as well as offering a list of useful further resources. To receive the guide, sign up to the Value Volunteer Management campaign below.

Internocracy guide for third sector organisations

Internocracy has a short guide which explains how you can structure and manage an internship at your organisation including various tips on good practice.


Directgov has a variety of information which looks at volunteering opportunities and individuals' rights as a volunteer. There is information on the implications of volunteering while claiming benefits. It also highlights specific sorts of work such as mentoring and befriending and volunteering on a community project.

Volunteers and the law

This free publication by Volunteering England looks at the legal issues associated with taking on and working with volunteers.

Example recruitment flowchart

Volunteering England has a flowchart developed by Warrington Borough Council which outlines their volunteer recruitment process.

Recruiting and inducting volunteers

Volunteering England has a number of fact sheets and articles on how to create an effective volunteer recruitment process. This includes guidance on how to write an advert for volunteers, collect references and creating an effective induction. 

Volunteering and state benefits

This document from Volunteering England clarifies the situation with regards to volunteers on benefits and whether their income support may be affected by volunteering.

Accepting volunteers from overseas

Volunteering England's factsheet looks at the implications of taking on a volunteer who is not a UK national. It also lists those categories of non-national volunteers who can offer their services without a problem.

Example 'Health Check' for Volunteer Involving Organisations

Volunteering England has a health check which can be used to help set up a volunteer scheme or review the standards of an existing one. This was developed by Dudley Council for Voluntary Service.

Voluntary staff - points to consider

Business Link has a useful overview of key considerations around taking on volunteers.

Volunteer drivers

This guidance from HM Revenue & Customs looks specifically at expenses for volunteer drivers - and in particular, the treatment of petrol costs.

source: www.hmrc.gov.uk

Volunteer expenses

The HM Revenue & Customs site has some general information about the treatment of volunteer expenses.

source: www.hmrc.gov.uk
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