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Volunteers are a valuable asset to your organisation for the skills and enthusiasm they offer your cause.

Learn how to manage volunteers effectively and find the practical tools to help you here.

Unshackling good neighbours

The Cabinet Office has published research on the barriers to volunteering and proposed ways in which these barriers can be reduced.


Who is ready for the Big Society?

Where, across the UK, is volunteering participation highest? Where might the Big Society model of citizen engagement not work?

Consulting Inplace has undertaken statistical research to identify those areas where volunteers are most and least active - and in turn, those areas which may best or least favourably adapt to Cameron's Big Society. 

A charter for strengthening relations between paid staff and volunteers

Volunteering England and the TUC have produced a useful charter on the over-arching principles which should govern good volunteering practice.

source: www.tuc.org.uk

Institute of Volunteering Research evidence bank

The Institute of Volunteering Research, an arm of Volunteering England, has a searchable database of volunteering research which is free to access and maintained on an ongoing basis. 

source: www.ivr.org.uk

Valuing volunteer management skills

This research by Skills - Third Sector looks at the development needs and skills gaps within volunteer management across England. The research was conducted in 2010 and involved responses from over 1,000 organisations.

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