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Make your workplace a low-stress area.

This section helps you understand the causes of stress and find practical ways to tackle it.

Preventing stress

The Health and Safety Executive and CIPD have published a new tool which helps line managers (and those supporting line managers) to increase their self-awareness and ability to manage stress.


Work-related stress: what the law says

This guidance by CIPD looks at what stress is and how it can be prevented and managed in the workplace. The guide includes information on the HSE management standards as well as a checklist for managing stress at work.


Stress at work

This factsheet by the CIPD looks at the legal issues around stress in the workplace and discusses a number of practical measures which can be taken to effectively tackle it.


HSE Management standards

The Health & Safety Executive has a set of standards which your organisation can work towards to improve workplace well-being, productivity and reduce stress.


Emotional resilience toolkit

Business in the Community provides practical guidance on promoting the resilience of individuals and teams as part of your workplace well-being programme.


Work related stress

The Health & Safety Executive has a section on workplace stress which examines what stress is and how individuals can tackle it. It also puts forward a set of management standards for tackling stress at an organisational level and answers some frequently asked questions.


Workplace stress

Directgov explains what stress is and what to do if you think you are suffering from unhealthy levels of stress or tension.

How to deal with stress

Business Link outlines the common causes and symptoms of stress as well as ways in which it can be managed.

Stress at work

This guide by Acas is relevant to individuals affected by or managing stress at work.

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