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Understand what to include in a staff contract and find templates to get you started.

You'll find guidance to help you with a range of contracts and agreements as well as interactive tools to take you through the drafting process.

Freelance and independent work contract of engagement

The Pay & Employment Rights Service has produced this template for use with consultants and other self-employed professionals.


Create a written statement of employment

Business Link has an online tool, which if completed correctly provides you with a written statement that covers all the legal areas you need to address in an employment contract.

Written statement

A template for a written statement of particulars (otherwise known as an 'employment contract'). Remember to have any legal agreements such as this checked by a legal professional before use. 


Principle written statement of employment particulars

This statement of particulars has been produced by the Pay & Employment Rights Service. There are also materials here for formulating a sessional worker contract and casual worker contract.

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