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Salary review

Find the best way to structure and review you staff's salaries.

Understand the basic principles of establishing a salary structure in your organisation and browse research to help inform this.

Bargaining pay systems

Unite provides guidance aimed at union members on bargaining pay systems.


What equality law means for you: pay and benefits

This comprehensive guidance by the Equality and Human Rights Commission explains the implications of the Equality Act 2010 on pay and benefits.

Salary review process

CIPD provides an introduction to the salary review process including the aims and stages this involves, deciding which sources to use for benchmarking and how you can communicate the outcome of the process.


Pay and reward

CIPD has a range of factsheets including those which examine pay structures, pay progression, job evaluation and pay levels.


The National Minimum Wage

Directgov has some fairly in-depth information on the national minimum wage, its rate, who is entitled to receive the national minimum wage and how you can calculate whether you are receiving the national minimum wage. It also looks at the proper treatment of tips in relation to minimum rates.

Set the right pay rates

Business Link introduces readers to the basics of creating salary structures.

Appraisal related pay

This booklet by Acas provides information for anyone interested in developing appraisal related pay at their organisation.


Job evaluation: considerations and risks

Acas looks at how you can effectively prepare for job evaluations and what considerations you need to make before starting out.

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