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Understand the skills gaps within your organisation and make the most of your people.

Find tools, forms and research to inform your policy on developing people.

Training, development, promotion and transfer

This comprehensive guidance by the Equality and Human Rights Commission explains the implications of the Equality Act 2010 in the handling of training and development opportunities.


Learning and talent development: an overview

This factsheet by CIPD gives an introduction to learning and development and links to a range of CIPD factsheets including talent management, management development, coaching, action learning, e-learning, on-the-job training, learning styles and evaluating learning and development.


Time to train: request time at work to learn new skills

Directgov explains employees' right to request time off to undertaking training.

Develop your people

Business Link has a section on training and developing the staff and leaders of your organisation. It looks at how you can identify skills gaps and effectively monitor and evaluate a training programme. There is information on creating a career development plan and suggestions for developing your leaders. It also looks at the role of mentoring and how an appraisal system can help track your progress.

Consider time for training

This information by Business Link explains the statutory duty to consider training requests which was introduced in April 2010.

Training Needs Analysis

Skills - Third Sector has a section on training needs analysis which includes a toolkit to get you started.

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