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Find what you need to recruit to your organisation. There are  templates to help you draw up your job description and adverts.

You'll also find guidance on all aspects of the recruitment process - from advertising your job to collecting pre-employment checks.

Pre-employment checks: an employer’s guide

The CIPD has produced guidance on the optimal use of pre-employment checks which includes coverage of social media.


Pre-employment health questionnaires

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has guidance on the use of pre-employment health questionnaires including examples of breaches and compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Quick start guide to the ban on health and disability questions in recruitment

Understand what interview questions you can legitimately ask, with this new quick start guide from the Government Equalities Office. 

When you recruit someone to work for you

This comprehensive guidance by the Equality and Human Rights Commission explains the implications of the Equality Act 2010 in recruiting employees.

Professional recruitment guide

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills provides an introduction to recruitment which includes a step by step guide to the recruitment process, a look at the legal issues, current trends and the challenges employers face.


Recruitment: an overview

CIPD provides a comprehensive overview of the recruitment process from analysing the post you're recruiting for, to collecting checks and references for your chosen candidate. It also looks at alternative ways of outsourcing the recruitment process.


Pre-employment checks

Directgov outlines the kinds of checks that may be made on a new employee including identification documents (ID), references, background checks, health checks and criminal record checks (CRBs).

Making a job offer and getting new workers started

Business Link provides guidance on who to offer your job to, and how to introduce them to your organisation.

Taking on staff - the options

This information by Business Link runs through some initial considerations of recruiting staff.

Recruitment and induction

This booklet by Acas is designed to assist individuals in understanding and coordinating the recruitment and induction processes.


Recruitment & selection toolkit

The Pay & Employment Rights Service has developed a comprehensive toolkit to assist you in recruiting a member of staff.

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