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Ensure staff make the most of their pensions. Here you'll find information on setting up a pension and what changes are anticipated with regards to pensions regulations.

The interactive tools help you plan, understand and enact your responsibilities.

What is my staging date?

The Pensions Regulator has produced guidance to help employers calculate their staging date for pensions auto-enrolment.



The CIPD has a range of pensions auto-enrolment resources provided by KPMG which include short films for staff and short guides.



The Pensions Regulator has a section on pensions auto-enrolment for employers which explains what automatic enrolment is and how to prepare, implement and manage a scheme for automatic enrolment.

Automatic enrolment

The Pensions Advisory Service has a section on pensions auto-enrolment aimed at simply explaining this to employees. The guidance includes videos and frequently asked questions.

7 steps to prepare for automatic enrolment

The Pensions Regulator has nine detailed PDF guides on pensions auto-enrolment which cover: (1) employers duties and defining the workforce (2) getting ready (3) assessing the workforce (4) postponement (5) auto-enrolment (6) opting in, joining and contractual enrolment (7) opting out (8) safeguarding individuals and (9) keeping records.

Selecting a good auto-enrolment scheme

The Pensions Regulator has produced guidance on selecting a suitable pension scheme for pensions auto-enrolment. It also provides a tool to help you assess whether your defined contribution pension scheme satisfies the requirements for auto-enrolment.

Pensions reform - interactive tools for employers

The Pensions Regulator has released interactive tools to help smaller organisations to prepare for pensions automatic enrolment, which will affect all organisations that employ people.

Helping employers with automatic enrolment

The Pensions Regulator has produced a checklist for employers preparing for the introduction of pensions auto-enrolment. This outlines the actions that employers should follow to ensure their organisation has adequate systems in place. Also provided is a summary of employer duties, the staging dates for auto-enrolment and guidance for payroll software developers.

The NEST phrasebook

The National Employment Savings Trust provides a plain speaking guide to pensions jargon.

Online planners

The Pensions Advisory Service has a selection of online tools to help you make choices around investments, annuities, contracting out and making voluntary national insurance contributions.

The trustee toolkit

The Pensions Regulator has an online toolkit to help trustees and anyone interested in occupational pension schemes, understand their duties under the 2004 Pensions Act.

Pensionwise for employers

The Pensions Regulator runs a free programme for employers to help them get to grips with understanding pensions. You can sign up here.

Pensions for employers

The Pensions Regulator has information on employers' duties with regards to pensions, how to get started with running a scheme and employers' obligations with regards to the 2012 pension reforms.

Workplace pension reforms

The Department for Work and Pensions provides information on the key changes contained in the Pensions Act 2008 including the automatic enrolment of employees on a qualifying pensions scheme from 2012 to which employers make a contribution.



Business Link has information the pensions reform taking effect from 2012, pensions obligations for employers and selecting a pensions scheme for the workplace.

Pension schemes - further information

HM Revenue & Customs provides information on stakeholder pensions and the tax simplification measures which took effect in 2006.


Pension payments and PAYE

HM Revenue & Customs has information on the PAYE process and forms required when an employer starts a pension - or when a pensioner dies. It also provides details on a range of special situations such as pension lump sums and multiple pensions.


Pension payments and PAYE

Business Link has a section on the correct treatment of PAYE when you are making payments towards a pension - and also what to do in special circumstances.

State pension age calculator

Directgov has a calculator to help you work out the age at which you can start receiving state pension.

Pensions and retirement planning

Directgov has a section on pensions which looks at the types of pensions available as well as state pension and how it works. It also looks at pension planning and the treatment of tax and National Insurance during retirement.

Employer guidance

The Pensions Advisory Service has a general section on pensions, aimed at employers.

Pensions Timeline

Understand the key forthcoming changes with this pensions timeline by the Pensions Advisory Service.

Talking to your employees about pensions

This guide by the Pensions Regulator takes you through best practice and the law when discussing pensions with your staff.

Workplace pension schemes

The Pensions Advisory Service provides an introduction to the main kinds of workplace pension schemes and how these operate.

Auto-enrolment planner for employers

The Pensions Advisory Service has developed this online tool to help you understand your duties when pensions auto-enrolment is phased in from 2012.

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