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Understand the rights of fathers and how you can support them in the workplace.

You'll find a range of information and interactive tools to help you apply staff entitlements to paternity pay and leave in practice.

Paternity leave and pay

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for employees about paternity leave and pay.


Paternity leave and pay

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has a section on paternity leave and pay including fathers' entitlements and their protection under legislation.

Maternity, paternity and adoption rights

CIPD has a short section on paternity pay, leave and rights in this factsheet.


Statutory Paternity Pay: an overview

HM Revenue & Customs has a section on individuals' eligibility for statutory paternity pay and the rate at which it is paid. It also looks at the forms and records you may need to keep. There is further guidance available and a helpline if you have queries.


Maternity, paternity and adoption - calculate your rights

Directgov has an interactive tool to help you find out what rights you are entitled to if you are having a child.

Paternity rights in the workplace

Directgov has a dedicated section on paternity leave, pay and your entitlements as a new or expectant parent.

Paternity leave, rights and pay

Business Link has an interactive tool to help you understand an employee's entitlement to paternity leave, pay and his rights upon returning to work.

Paternity leave and pay

Business Link provides information on your statutory duties to partners of women who are expecting a baby or have adopted a child.

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