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Employers have an important duty to look after the safety and wellbeing of their staff.
This section will help you implement what you need to ensure employees' health and safety at work.

You'll find a range of policies, plans and risk assessments from other organisations.

Health and safety in care homes

The health and safety executive has guidance specifically aimed at those managing and working in care homes which looks at managing the risks presented effectively.


Workplace health, safety and welfare

This guidance booklet from the Health and Safety Executive includes updated guidance and the approved code of practice on the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.


H&S ABC – An easy guide to health & safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has developed a range of tools and guidance to help small and medium sized businesses understand health and safety.


The health and safety of older workers

This guidance from the Trade Unions Congress outlines the health and safety considerations for accommodating an older workforce.


Managing and supporting employees experiencing domestic abuse

The CIPD in partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission provides PDF guidance on domestic abuse including steps to manage and tackle this in the workplace. This includes comprehensive pointers for drafting a domestic abuse policy, and sources of further information.


Young people at work

The Health and Safety Executive has provided guidance for employers providing work experience placements for young people including simple bullet points on how to risk assess proportionately.


Health and safety toolbox

This one-stop shop from the Health and Safety Executive provides all the information you need to manage health and safety in a small, low-risk office environment.


Developing resilience: an evidence-based guidance for practitioners

Could your organisation and your staff adapt and respond better to change and challenges? This new guide from the CIPD looks at what we mean by resilience, and how staff and organisations can benefit from developing resilience.


Health and safety made simple

This concise website by the Health and Safety Executive pinpoints what you need to do to ensure your workers are safe and that you are within the law. 


Health and safety scorecard

EEF has developed an online tool to help organisations set meaningful health and safety targets and objectives - and measure their progress towards achieving them.


Best practice: healthy workplace, healthy workforce

The Chartered Institute for Managers takes a practical view on the benefits of good health and safety management. It advises on what measures you can put in place at work.

Your health, your safety: a guide for workers

Understand workers' rights regarding health and safety. This short guide produced by the Health and Safety Executive and TUC is available in 24 languages. 


Managing emotional wellbeing - building team resilience

Business In The Community has produced a free online tool to help managers build the emotional wellbeing of staff and develop a positive culture at work. 


Diabetes and driving

Unite provides health and safety guidance aimed at union members on diabetes and driving.

Five steps to risk assessment

The Health and Safety Executive has a short guide which takes your through the key stages of conducting an occupational risk assessment.


Can a person be left alone at their place of work?

The Health and Safety Executive provides answers to some common questions about lone working and also has a short advice leaflet available from its website.


Ensure the safety of lone workers

Business Link has a section on lone working including your responsibility to lone workers and the responsibilities of those who work alone. The information includes a checklist of risks to assess and further special considerations.

Health and safety at work

CIPD has a fairly comprehensive factsheet which looks at the law around health and safety and provides guidance on producing a health and safety policy and conducting risk assessments.


Health and safety starter pack

The Health & Safety Executive has produced this pack to provide you with most of the basic information and items you'll need to get started with health and safety - many of which are available as online versions. Pack contents include an introduction to health and safety, guide to noise at work, five steps to risk assessment, COSHH and incident reporting among others.


Better business

The Health and Safety Executive has a dedicated website for small businesses looking for guidance and tips to get started with health and safety management at work.


Manual handling assessment chart

This tool by the Health and Safety Executive helps you to identify high risk workplace manual handling activities.


Health and safety at work

Directgov has a dedicated section on health and safety which looks at employees' and employers' responsibilities, accidents in the workplace, hazards and safe manual work.

Health at work

Business Link looks at the importance of health and safety, occupational health, the cost of ill health to businesses, recording and monitoring incidents and staff security in and out of the  office.

Health work and well-being

This guide by Acas looks at how you can successfully promote employee well-being at work.

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