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Employment status

The employment status of staff, contractors and volunteers will define your mutual obligations and inform the best ways of managing your relationship.

There are guides to help you determine the employment status of colleagues. There are also interactive tools to take you through this step-by-step.

Employment status and related rights

Unite provides a concise introduction to employment status, aimed at its members, which explains the key rights attached to each type of employment status.


Agency workers have rights too!

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for agency workers about their rights.

source: www.tuc.org.uk

Employed or self employed for tax and National Insurance contributions

HM Revenue & Customs outlines some key considerations for deciding whether you are employed or not in the eyes of the Inland Revenue (PDF download)

source: www.hmrc.gov.uk

Fixed-term employee protection

Directgov explains what is meant by fixed term employees and how these staff are protected from less favourable treatment.

Continuous employment

Directgov explains what is meant by continuous employment and what might count as a break in your continuity of employment.

Understanding your employment status

Directgov outlines a number of categories of employment status and suggests how you determine which one you fit into.

Agency worker employment rights

Directgov outlines the rights of agency workers including those relating to maternity, paternity and adoption pay; sick pay, tax and National Insurance.

Using employment agencies

Directgov explains what is meant by an agency worker.

Part-time work

Directgov explains the rights of part time workers and different sorts of employment available.

Continuous employment and employee rights

Business Link explains what is meant by continuous employment and what rights are accrued through continuity of service.

Employing part-time workers

This information by Business Link examines the benefits and legal duties involved in having staff in part-time employment.

Employment status

Business Link provides information on how to check the status of different workers including employees, workers and contractors.

Employment status guidance

CA Plus has some introductory guidance on deciding the employment status of a worker.

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