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A proactive approach to diversity will help you to recruit the best staff and ensure everyone performs to their full potential.


This section includes toolkits and templates to help you audit your organisation as well as example policies and research reports.

Survey of employers' policies relating to age

This comprehensive research looks at how employers' policies, practices and preferences have changed following the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. Please note that this document opens as a PDF.

source: www.dwp.gov.uk

British social attitudes 27th report

This report surveyed around 3000 people to find out individuals' perceptions of Britain and how it is run. In particular, there is some insight into how fair Britain is perceived as a country.

Womens' leadership, employment and participation in the third sector

The Third Sector Research Centre examines the distribution of women in the voluntary sector and concludes that pay inequality is less pronounced in the third sector.

source: www.tsrc.ac.uk

Childcare matters: improving choices and chances for parents and children

This report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission looks into the current provision of childcare for working parents. It highlights how childcare works to support parents balancing work and childcare responsibilities - and looks at what services parents want.

Equal pay: where next?

This collection of recommendations and research provides thoughtful reading for any employer interested in promoting equal pay at work.

How fair is Britain?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has produced the most comprehensive evidence of discrimination and disadvantage in the UK in this report. The chapter on work and wealth highlights key discrepancies between men and women, disabled and non-disabled individuals and the employment trends of different ethnic backgrounds.

Race to the Future

This report by Business In The Community reflects on the past fifteen years of equality and diversity practice in the UK and puts forward 15 recommendations for employers, leaders and education providers.

source: www.bitc.org.uk

LBT women and employment

Women's Resource Centre has produced a report on the current experiences of women at work who are lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In particular, it offers thoughts on the challenges faced by LBT women at work and how organisations can be more inclusive.

source: www.wrc.org.uk

Managing an ageing workforce

This research conducted by CMI and CIPD looks at how organisations are adapting to an ageing workforce. 

Race for opportunity benchmarking results

Business in the Community has conducted research on employers' attitudes to ethnic diversity and what they currently do to promote it at work.

source: www.bitc.org.uk

Diversity research

The CIPD has a section of research on diversity which is organised according to topic. These include age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, race and also ex-offenders.

source: www.cipd.co.uk
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