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Discipline & capability

Find the best way to manage poor conduct or performance.

This section will help you understand how to manage the disciplinary process. You'll find sample policies and procedures as well as templates and interactive tools. 

Disciplinary procedure

NAVCA has a copy of its disciplinary procedure available to download from its website.


Example disciplinary policy

Acas has two model disciplinary policies (for larger and smaller organisations) which can be found in the appendix of its advisory booklet, Discipline and grievance at work: the Acas guide.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Private phone & internet use policy

This example policy has been developed by the Pay and Employment Rights Service.

source: www.pers.org.uk

Capability policy

The Pay and Employment Rights Service has produced this sample capability policy.

source: www.pers.org.uk

Disciplinary, conduct and capability policies

These model policies have been developed by the Pay & Employment Rights Service and include a policy on private phone and internet usage.

source: www.pers.org.uk
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