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Discipline & capability

Find the best way to manage poor conduct or performance.

This section will help you understand how to manage the disciplinary process. You'll find sample policies and procedures as well as templates and interactive tools. 

Discipline and grievance e-learning

Acas has a free e-learning module on discipline and grievance. This covers how to draw up a disciplinary procedure, how you conduct a disciplinary hearing and how to decide the outcome.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Discipline and grievances at work

CIPD has a factsheet on discipline and grievance which looks at good practice in managing the process.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Disciplinary procedures

Directgov has a section on disciplinary procedures at work, introducing the topic area and looking at how these proceedings should follow the Acas code. 

Follow the correct disciplinary procedure

Business Link has an interactive tool which helps you to assess where you are with a disciplinary issue, and what might be the most appropriate steps to take next.

Handling disciplinaries

Business Link outlines how you can set out your disciplinary procedure and manage the disciplinary process. It includes suggestions on managing disciplinary and grievance simultaneously and the sorts of actions that can be taken following the procedure.

Disciplinary & grievance procedures

For best practice, the Acas code is an authoritative statement how procedures should be run. It is approved by parliament and referred to by employment tribunals, in making decisions on legal cases.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Discipline and grievances at work: the Acas guide

This guide by Acas provides good practice advice on handling discipline and grievance issues at work.

source: www.acas.org.uk
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