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Data protection & records

Understand the law and good practice with regards to keeping, handling and destroying staff records.

In this section, you'll find example policies and paperwork to help you put this into practice.

Bring your own device

The Information Commissioner's Office has specific guidance for organisations which allow staff to bring and use their own IT equipment for work including data protection considerations and tips.


Protecting data, protecting people: a guide for charities

This guidance from the Charity Finance Group provides a comprehensive introduction to data protection including case studies and further considerations for data security.


Subject access code of practice

Comprehensive guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office on dealing with requests from individuals for personal information.


Data sharing code of practice and checklists

If you need to share personal data, either as an ad-hoc or regular arrangement - this practical guidance will help your organisation to do so in line with the law and with individuals' expectations. 


Data protection

Unite provides guidance aimed at union members on data protection.

Privacy at work

Unite provides a concise introduction to privacy at work, aimed at its members, which explains the key ways in which employees' privacy is protected by the law.

Privacy at work

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for employees about privacy at work, in particular in relation to data protection and surveillance.


Retention of personnel and other related records

CIPD has a factsheet which provides suggested guidelines on how long to keep data and lists the legislation which this pays regard to.


Personal data: what your employer can keep

Directgov has guidance on what information will be kept about staff, for what purposes and how individuals can request to access this.

Keep the right staff records

Business Link gives introductory guidance on how you should store staff data and what information to keep on employees' files.

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