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Understand what to include in a staff contract and find templates to get you started.

You'll find guidance to help you with a range of contracts and agreements as well as interactive tools to take you through the drafting process.

Zero-hours contracts: myth and reality

The CIPD has guidance summarising the popular media myths around zero hours contracts and helps to dispel these.


Zero-hours contracts: understanding the law

The CIPD has produced guidance in partnership with Lewis Silkin solicitors summarising zero hours contracts, the pros and cons plus key issues to manage.


Annualised hours

Unite provides guidance aimed at union members on annualised hours contracts.

Contracts and written statements e-learning

Acas has a free e-learning module on contracts and written statements. This covers what contracts and written statements are, how you vary contracts and some other common contractual issues.


Contracts of employment

Unite provides a concise introduction to employment contracts, aimed at its members, which highlights some key ways in which employment contracts might be challenged. 

Contracts of employment

CIPD gives an explanation of what is a contract of employment according to the law, what are express and implied terms and what a contract ought to include.


Employment contracts and conditions

Directgov has a section on staff contracts which looks at what employment contracts and terms are and how you can change a contract. It also discusses breach of contract and what to do if you disagree over a contract's terms. There is information on the statement of particulars and how relocation of work should be treated relative to the contract.

Change an employee's terms of employment

Business Link looks at what you'll need to do if you are changing or looking to alter a staff member's contract. 

The employment contract

Business Link explains the basic elements of the contract of employment.

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