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Handling workplace conflict? Find the information you need to understand the causes and minimise its effects.


You'll find introductions to methods and techniques to help you manage tension at work.

Conflict resolution

Acas has a number of free online learning packages which cover topics including conflict resolution.


Mediation: an approach to resolving workplace issues

This PDF guidance produced by Acas and the CIPD gives thorough guidance on what is mediation and how it can be used to resolve disputes at work.


From conflict to co-operation

Co-operatives UK has produced an entertaining set of five advice booklets to help organisations minimise conflict and find ways to prevent it in the first place.


Mediation: a guide for trade union representatives

This guidance by Acas and the TUC provides a basic introduction to mediation and its uses at work for trade union representatives.


Managing conflict at work: a guide for line managers

CIPD has a comprehensive guide to managing conflict and bullying behaviour at work which provides tools to allow you assess your own management style and also learn from the examples of others through short case study scenarios.


Mediation, conciliation and arbitration

Directgov looks at mediation, arbitration, conciliation and counselling as means of resolving workplace disputes.

Managing conflict

Business Link looks at how you can spot the signs of conflict and prevent it becoming a problem within your organisation.

Managing conflict at work

Acas looks at how you can effectively manage conflict in your organisation and how you can prevent conflict from building up or affecting your working relationships.

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