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Great staff communication can engage workers and help provide a quality service.


You'll find policies and mechanisms to aid consultation and ensure staff contribute to improvement and change. 

The People Factor - engage your employees for business success

Acas has produced some excellent guidance on the ingredients which create a positive and engaged workforce. 


Representation at work

Do you want staff to have greater say on issues affecting your organisation and employees?

This guide by Acas looks at simple and more complex ways in which staff can be represented at work where there are not necessarily unions recognised by the employer. 


Informing and consulting e-learning

Acas has a free e-learning module on informing and consulting with staff. This covers what consultation and staff representation is, the practicalities of consulting and contexts where it can be used. It also looks at different methods for consulting and communicating.


Information and Consultation Regulations

Unite provides a concise introduction to the Information and Consultation Regulations, aimed at its members, which explains the main ways in which the regulations may be used at work.

IPA guide to workforce engagement

IPA provides an introductory overview of what workforce engagement is and how it looks in the workplace. It also makes some initial recommendations for how you can cultivate employee engagement in an organisation.

Information & consultation FAQs

IPA has some answers to common questions on the Information and Consultation Regulations which were introduced in 2005. 

Employee communication

CIPD has a factsheet on staff communication which provides pointers for creating an effective communication strategy. There are also links to CIPD factsheets on employee voice and engagement. 


Types of information and consultation arrangements

Directgov explains the kinds of agreements that may in place for staff and employees to hear about significant changes in workplace arrangements under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations.

Inform and consult your employees

Business Link explains the importance of good communications and the legal requirements around informing and consulting with employees.

Create and communicate business values with integrity

Business Link sets out how you can embed your organisation's values and behaviours within your organisation.

Establish employee voice in your organisation

Business Link gives ideas for you can encourage staff feedback and suggestions in your organisation. This includes employee forums and using technology to improve communication.

Create and communicate your strategic narrative

Business Link looks at how you can share your background and provide a compelling story about what your organisation is about.

Employee engagement - an overview

This guide by Business Link looks at how you can engage staff - including practical examples of strong staff communication in action.

How to manage change

This guide by Acas takes you through the main aspects of managing change with focus on the benefits of strong staff communication.


Non-union representation in the workplace

This guide by Acas looks at the role of individuals who are outside the union and how they can promote communication at work.


Representation at work

Acas has produced this guide which looks at the role of staff representatives in the workplace.


Employee communications and consultation

This booklet by Acas is intended to assist anyone involved in or affected by the processes of employee communications and consultation.

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