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Bullying & harassment

Take a no-tolerance line on bullying and harassment.

Find step-by-step approaches to help you combat bullying and harassment at work. You'll find policies from other organisations to help you spell out your commitments and lay down the mechanisms to help affected staff.

Bullying and harassment e-learning

Acas has a free e-learning module on bullying and harassment. This covers what is bullying and harassment, how you can spot it, how you can prevent bullying and harassment at work and the consequences of inaction.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Harassment and bullying at work

CIPD has a comprehensive factsheet which looks at the main forms of bullying and harassment in the workplace, how this treatment can affect individuals, the legal implications if an employer allows such behaviour to go on unchallenged and guidance on developing an effective policy.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Bullying and harassment

The Health & Safety Executive has a section on bullying and harassment which looks at advice specifically for organisations, managers and individuals. This provides practical step-by-step measures that can be adopted at each level.

source: www.hse.gov.uk

Bullying in the workplace

Directgov explains what bullying is and provides examples of negative behaviour. It suggests various courses of action which you can take to try to resolve the situation.

Bullying and harassment

Business Link provides introductory guidance on how you can identify and prevent unfair or offensive treatment in the workplace. This includes how you can draw up an anti-bullying policy as well as guidance on how to deal with an on-going case.

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