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Understand the rights of employees who are adopting a child.

This section provides key information on administering adoption leave and pay. You'll also find a number of example policies from other organisations.

The interactive tools will help you calculate staff entitlements.

Adoption leave and pay

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for employees about adoption leave and pay.


Statutory Adoption Pay: an overview

HM Revenue & Customs provides information on individual's eligibility to claim adoption pay and at what rate this should be given. It also looks at how you can calculate Statutory Adoption Pay and what forms and records you will need to keep.


Adoption rights and responsibilities

Directgov has an online tool which provides guidance on your rights and responsibilities as an employee or worker who is adopting a child.

Statutory Adoption Pay calculator

HM Revenue & Customs has an online calculator to help you calculate on employee's statutory adoption pay.


Overseas adoption leave and pay

Directgov explains your rights if you adopt a child from abroad and what you will need to do to claim adoption leave.

Statutory Adoption Pay

Directgov looks at what is Statutory Adoption Pay and who is entitled to receive it.

Statutory Adoption Leave

Directgov looks at who is entitled to Statutory Adoption Leave, what this includes and how you can take it.

Adoption leave, rights and pay

Business Link has an interactive tool to help you understand an employee's entitlement to adoption leave, pay and their rights upon returning to work.

Adoption leave and pay

This guide by Business Link helps you understand your duties as an employer to staff who are adopting children.

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