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Ensure you have good absence management  at work.


The resources take you through the key elements of managing sickness absence effectively. You'll find policies to help you get started and essential HR forms and letter templates.

Getting the most out of the fit note

Gov.uk provides guidance on the fit note and answers frequently asked questions around its usage.

source: www.gov.uk

What to do when it snows

The Trades Union Congress offers advice on what actions employers should take when staff are unable to travel to work due to adverse weather conditions.

source: www.tuc.org.uk

Absence in the workplace

Unite provides guidance on absence at work aimed at union members.

Managing absence e-learning

Acas has a free e-learning module on managing absence. This covers the cost of absence in the workplace, how to measure absence, how to handle long and short term absence and what to include in an absence policy.

source: www.acas.org.uk

Manager support for return to work following long-term sickness absence

This guidance available from the CIPD website looks at how managers can be supported and developed to aid employees back to work who have been on long-term sick. The guidance incorporates measures following the new fit note's introduction.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Absence measurement and management

CIPD has information why and how you can measure or calculate absence and the merits of various approaches. This includes the 'lost time' rate, frequency rate and the bradford factor. A number of pointers are provided for consideration for absence policies and procedures at an organisation.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Sickness absence recording tool

The Health & Safety Executive has software to help small to medium organisations record, monitor and analyse absence data as a means of better managing sickness absence at work.

source: www.hse.gov.uk

Sickness absence

The Health & Safety Executive identifies six key elements which an effective absence management policy or procedure will contain. These include: recording sickness absence, keeping in contact, planning and undertaking workplace adjustments, using professional advice, agreeing a return to work plan and coordinating the return to work process. There is also a list of do's and don't's for keeping in touch.

source: www.hse.gov.uk

Statutory Sick Pay calculator

HM Revenue & Customs has an online calculator to help you work out whether you need to pay SSP and if so, at what rate you need to pay it.

source: www.hmrc.gov.uk

Statutory Sick Pay: an overview

HM Revenue & Customs provides an introduction to statutory sick pay scheme and explains the key steps in the process, when to stop paying, how to calculate it and what records to keep. 

source: www.hmrc.gov.uk

Absence management toolkit

The CIPD has an absence management toolkit which you can use to assess whether you have an issue at your organisation, to develop at absence strategy or deal with long and short term absence.

source: www.cipd.co.uk

Statement of Fitness for Work (fit note)

Directgov explains how the fit note can be used to help manage an employee's return to work after injury or illness.

Sickness absence

Directgov has a section on sickness absence at work which looks at sick leave, employer's and employee's responsibilities, the return to work, the kinds of sick pay available and also the new fit note.

Travel disruption and your rights at work

Directgov outlines your options if you are unable to come to work due to strike action, severe weather, acts of terrorism or some similar emergency.

Occupational health and welfare: an overview

Business Link looks at how to prevent and manage staff illness, injury and other health problems.

Managing absence and sickness

This guide by Business Link looks at how you can effectively manage sickness absence at your organisation - and the kinds of mechanisms which may assist including what to have in a policy or procedure and how to measure and evaluate absence rates at your organisation.

Understand statutory sick pay when paying it

This guide by Business Link looks at statutory sick pay and the legal requirements involved - as well as treatment of long-term absence.

Managing attendance and employee turnover

This advisory booklet by Acas addresses the key ways in which you can approach and reduce staff sickness absence at work. 

source: www.acas.org.uk
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