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Good performance management ensures that staff are successfully delivering the objectives of your organisation.


The templates and forms provide what you need to put this into action. You can also compare your practices with other organisations with the benchmarking reports available.

Performance management

Acas has a number of free online learning packages which cover topics including performance management.


How to manage performance

This advisory booklet by Acas looks at how good performance management clearly links individual performance to the overarching goals of the organisation. This guide sets out the various stages of the performance cycle and looks at how each element can be optimised. It includes a look at common pitfalls and tips to avoid them.


360 feedback handbook

Simply 360 provides a free online manual which comprehensively covers all aspects of designing a 360 feedback process. Initial registration required.

360 feedback

CIPD's factsheet introduces the 360 appraisal, the merits of its approach, considerations for its implementation and what makes good questionnaires and feedback reports.


Performance management

This guide by CIPD outlines the different elements in effective performance management.


Performance appraisal

This CIPD factsheet explains what an appraisal is and looks at its contribution to the performance management process. It looks at how you should conduct an appraisal and what skills the appraiser and appraisees should develop.


Use appraisals to manage performance

Business Link outlines how you can establish an appraisal process at your organisation - and how looks at good practice in running appraisals.

Employee appraisal

This booklet by Acas takes you through the main aspects of designing and implementing an appraisal process.

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