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Annual leave & time off

Employees take time off work for various reasons: for holidays, emergencies, parental leave and overtime worked.

You'll find a variety of policies (including TOIL and compassionate leave) and interactive tools to help you calculate employees' statutory entitlement.

Working time and holidays

Acas has a number of free online learning packages which cover topics including working time and holidays.


Holidays and holiday pay

Acas has a guidance booklet in PDF which explains the law around annual leave, how it is calculated and common questions around holiday.


Time off for families

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for employees about time off work for parental duties and dependents.


Paid holiday and rest breaks at work

This information booklet by TUC answers some common questions for employees about holiday and rest break entitlements.


Holidays and other time off work

CIPD provides an introductory overview to annual leave and the other kinds of time which staff can take off work including special leave.


Time off and holidays

Directgov has a section on time off which includes how to calculate annual leave, time off for jury service, dependants, sickness, training and public duties as well as details on how to deal with situations where travel disruptions prevent employees from coming into work.

Parental leave

Directgov explains what parental leave is and how much you are entitled to.

Parental leave and time off for dependants

This information by Business Link explains the statutory entitlement which staff with children and dependants may have to time off work.

Holiday and time off

Business Link outlines the various situations in which employees may have a statutory entitlement to time off work and what payment they may receive.

Know how much holiday to give your staff

This information by Business Link provides guidance on calculating employees' statutory leave entitlement and how this works together with public holidays.

Calculate your employees' holiday entitlement

Business Link has an online tool which allows you to calculate how much annual leave your employees are entitled to by law.

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