Stricter rules on ID documents for criminal record checks

24 June 2012
Stricter rules on ID documents for criminal record checks

The Criminal Record Bureau which undertakes criminal record checks for staff and volunteers across England and Wales has reduced the documents accepted as identity, to improve the robustness of its checks.

The new rules came into effect from 28 May 2012 and all organisations undertaking CRB checks are expected to implement these before 31 August 2012.

The change means that it will be more difficult for applicants to forge documentation thereby increasing the protection of vulnerable adults and children offered by the checks.

However the reduced number of acceptable documents means that it may be more challenging for some groups to partake in the process, although the CRB has provided for applicants to submit their finger prints where sufficient identity documents are not available.

What will organisations need to do in response to the new rules?

Review the new CRB guidance
Those leading safeguarding arrangements at their organisations should familiarise themselves with the new three route ID checking process on p.3 of the CRB guidance

Update policies or guidance 
Where document checking procedures or document lists are in writing (for staff or applicants' reference), these will need to be updated, in particular to reflect:

  • the three route ID checking process - see guidance p.3
  • the revised list of acceptable documents for CRB checks - see guidance p.5
  • to ensure current checking methods and procedures are consistent with the guidance.

Communicate the changes to staff collecting CRB checks
This may involve:

  • emailing staff concerned about the changes
  • organising a briefing meeting to talk through the guidance and ensure staff working in this area are up-to-speed on what is required, and take away/discuss any questions raised by staff.

For more information, see HRBird's safeguarding section.

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