Setting up a secondment

27 October 2010
Setting up a secondment

Q: We're looking to set up a secondment for an employee of ours to another organisation. Do you have any information on how best to do this? Any contracts or agreements would be really helpful.

The CIPD has a short introduction to secondments which may provide a good starting point.

If you're looking to understand the procedure involved, NCVO's HRBank has a number of secondment policies  from other voluntary organisations which you request through its website. 

More in-depth examples of policies and procedures are available from various organisations such as BECTA (opens as .doc). There are also secondment agreements online from other organisations such as the Royal Agricultural College and University College London, though it's wise to seek legal advice in getting an agreement drafted.

For a look at some of the legal issues associated with seconding staff from on organisation to another, see Anderson Strathern solicitors and Unison (opens as PDF).

If you're looking to "borrow" or "lend" staff for shorter periods (eg one day at a time), you may find that an employer-supported volunteering scheme is more appropriate. Volunteering England has an excellent section on employer-supported volunteering.

You'll also find an employer-supported volunteering policy in NCVO's HRBank.

Please note that HRBird by its very nature offers general information. If you're looking for advice specific to your situation, speak to an HR professional or solicitor. Got a question on staff or volunteers? To submit an anonymous query for the HRBird blog, contact us. 

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