New employment tribunal fees introduced

01 March 2014
New employment tribunal fees introduced

From 29 July 2013,new fees are introducedfor claimants to lodge complaints at employment tribunal. These fees may be waived in cases where claimants receive certain benefits or are on a low income.

The fees comprise of (i) an issue fee to lodge the claim and (ii) a hearing fee, for the hearing to go ahead at tribunal. The cost of lodging and having a claim heard at employment tribunal is between 390 and 1200, depending on the complexity of the case.

The employment tribunal also has the right to strike out a claim at an early stage if it deems it to have little prospect of success.

A full schedule of fees is available from

The implication for employers is that the changes are likely to make it more challenging for individuals to lodge claims, therefore reducing the number of claims which go to employment tribunal. However the changes may also increase claims which via alternative routes eg. negligence claims on a "no win, no fee" basis.

For further information on the changes, see the employment tribunal section of HRBird.

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