New NJC scales take effect 1 April 2013

07 September 2013
New NJC scales take effect 1 April 2013

For employers whose pay scales follow or are linked to the local government NJC scales, the new scale has been confirmed for 2013/14.

The changes are effective 1 April 2013, and represent a 1% increase to all bands. In addition, the lowest point of the scale, SCP4 is abolished effective 1 October 2013. Therefore employees on this point will move to SCP5 from 1 October.

If your organisation pays employees according to the NJC scale you may need to ensure:

  • the new rates are reflected in your next payroll, and any back pay effective 1 April 2013 is calculated and paid to employees
  • for staff on SCP4 are moved to SCP5 effective 1 October 2013.

The full pay scales are available from the NAVCA website. For further information, see the pay section of HRBird.

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