London Living Wage rises to 8.30 per hour

08 May 2011
London Living Wage rises to 8.30 per hour

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced an increase to the London Living Wage of more than 5% to 8.30 per hour.

The new rate is designed to beat the higher cost of living which has resulted from this year's high inflation rate.

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i would like to know if the increase of the minimun wages is at the moment vigent as i need to tell my manager, reason being is that im getting the minimun wages of 5.93.
i hope you can reply as soon as possible.
thanks for your coperation
07/09/2011 18.36.11
Many thanks for your message Pamela. The minimum wage currently is 5.93 for workers 21 and over. This will increase to 6.08 from 1 October 2011.

The London Living Wage is not a legal obligation but is set by the Mayor of London to describe the level of pay which is considered affordable in London. This is currently 8.30 per hour and many London employers adopt it as a standard of good practice.
07/09/2011 20.09.46
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