How much holiday entitlement do charities provide?

20 December 2010
How much holiday entitlement do charities provide?

Q: I'm new to my charity and I'd like to benchmark our annual leave provision against other voluntary organisations. Any ideas of how I can do this?

This sort of data is usually provided on a paid-for basis by sources such as People Count Third Sector and XpertHR.

What you will find is that many charities will briefly outline their annual leave entitlements in their job descriptions when recruiting for a post. So if you have an idea of which organisations you'd like to compare yourself against, you could do a 'straw poll' on websites such as Guardian Jobs, CharityJob or Third Sector Jobs, to see what similar sized charities in a similar location/subsector to you, are offering.

Very small charities tend to offer only the statutory minimum for annual leave. Larger charities tend to offer 25 days plus public holidays. Some charities at the larger end of the spectrum provide extra days off where the office closes, or increase the entitlement slightly with length of service. It's also important to know whether an office is open between Christmas and New Year - and whether this is counted in the entitlement.

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