HRBird launches free pay and salary benchmarking tool for employers

21 January 2012
HRBird launches free pay and salary benchmarking tool for employers

HRBird is proud to announce the launch of its new pay and salary benchmarking tool.

With a simple search, you can find salaries paid for job vacancies in your area and download the data for free.

Visit HRBird's benchmarking tool

We found that many charities and third sector employers could not afford to participate in pay and salary surveys but needed to research and evidence a rate of pay for their organisation's roles.

HRBirdís pay benchmarking tool offers a free alternative to salary surveys. Salary surveys provide a sophisticated breakdown of pay data by industry and position from a sample of participating employers. This is used to help employers benchmark their rates of pay against the job market.

HRBirdís pay benchmarking tool collates and categorises salary data taken from past and current job vacancies. You can search the data by job title, specialism, region, salary and date published - and download your results in full in CSV format. You can then work with these results in standard spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

To begin searching pay and salary data, visit HRBirdís new benchmarking section.

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