HRBird launches Bribery Act policy toolkit to help organisations

30 August 2011
HRBird launches Bribery Act policy toolkit to help organisations

HRBird has launched a new toolkit to help charities and third sector organisations to review anti-bribery policy and practice in their organisations.

The Bribery Act came into force on 1 May 2011. It creates a criminal offence where organisations are liable for bribes given or taken on their behalf if they cannot demonstrate adequate anti-bribery procedures.  Penalties for companies and senior staff found guilty include heavy fines and imprisonment.

The government has encouraged organisations to respond proportionately to the risks that they face: where there is no risk of bribery, no action may be required. However a clear way to understand the bribery risks to your operations and decide what action is most appropriate is through risk assessment.

You can download the HRBird anti-bribery toolkit free from the bribery section of our website. 

For guidance and further resources, see our signposted documents - in particular the official guidance released from the Ministry of Justice.

Please note that HRBird by its very nature offers general information. If you're looking for advice specific to your situation, speak to an HR professional or solicitor.
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