Fundraiser job descriptions

21 November 2010
Fundraiser job descriptions

Q: We're a small charity, recruiting a fundraiser for the first time and I'm not sure what skills and knowledge we should be asking for. Do you have any examples of fundraising job descriptions to give an idea of what to include?


In terms of the skills required for a fundraiser, the Skills - Third Sector National Occupational Standards are a very helpful starting point. They provide a clear and succinct summary of the essential skills a successful fundraiser will have. You can download a free copy online. This can help with drawing up a person specification.

You may also want to make a request for job descriptions from NCVO's HRBank. The HRBank is a collection of job descriptions and HR policies donated by charities and voluntary organisations across England. They have quite a number of fundraising job descriptions available.

If you're looking for some ideas on how to lay out your job description and person specification, also try the job description templates available in our resources section.

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