Evidence of right to work in the UK

01 November 2010
Evidence of right to work in the UK

Q: What checks should we perform so that we have the right documents on file to show that we don't employ illegal workers?

In terms of fulfilling your obligations as an employer, you should see original evidence of every individual’s right to work in the UK - and retain photocopies of this on file for each member of staff. This will ensure that you treat everyone equally (ie.
don’t discriminate against employees that look or sound like non-EU citizens) and have complete records in case you should ever need to provide evidence to the Home Office.

Business Link has some
straightforward guidance on the procedures to follow. Pages 26 30 of this guide list the documents that will and will not provide sufficient evidence of proof to work in the UK. Business Link also has an interactive tool to help you work out what you should collect to fulfil your obligations.

If you’ve any queries, the UK Border Agency has a
helpline for employers which you can call on 0300 123 4699.

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