Delay on age discrimination ban in services

06 March 2011
Delay on age discrimination ban in services

The move to outlaw age discrimination in service provision has been delayed from April 2012.

The Home Office recently announced that it would be introduced in October 2012 at the earliest.

The government originally consulted on the proposals in May 2011. The list of proposed exceptions to the age discrimination ban included:


  • Age-based concessions - to allow the young and old to continue to be able to access services at a favourable rate


  • Group holidays - where holidays are aimed at specific age categories


  • Immigration - for example, age can be a relevant consideration in visa applications


  • Sport - when defining competition categories eg. veterans, under-21s


  • Residential park homes - to allow age limits to continue in park admission rules.

The government is still reviewing responses received to the consultation. See here for the Home Office announcement.

For more information on equality and diversity, see the following section on HRBird.

Sources: NDS, Government Equalities Office, Home Office

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