Changes to pensions auto-enrolment requirements for employers

29 June 2014
Changes to pensions auto-enrolment requirements for employers

From 1 April 2014, the window within which employers must automatically enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme is extended from 1 month to 6 weeks.

The changes have been introduced to assist organisations in coping with the pension auto-enrolment duties, which are being rolled out to medium-sized employers in 2014.

Employers are also given the same extended timeframe to write to employees to confirm the auto-enrolment status of individual staff.

Employers also have 6 weeks to inform staff of their right to opt out of the pension scheme that they have been automatically enrolled into, as opposed to one month, as previously.

From 6 April 2014, the trigger at which an employee is automatically enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme is increased from 9,440 to 10,000 per annum. The threshold at which "non-eligible" workers are offered voluntary access to a qualifying pension scheme also increases to 5,772 per annum.

For further information on pensions auto-enrolment, see the Pensions section of HRBird.

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