CRB checks in recruitment

05 November 2010
CRB checks in recruitment

Q: We've just recruited a senior member of staff. Our board are keen to let her start work without first completing a CRB check. I am not at all happy with this - what's the right procedure for checking CRBs?

This factsheet by the CIPD
probably provides the most succinct summary of employers’ responsibilities with regards to making adequate checks for staff.

Beyond certain posts which involve regular, unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults, the safeguarding measures put in place are often those deemed adequate by the individual organisation. The Charity Commission recommends that all trustees of charities serving children and vulnerable adults are CRB-checked.

Some organisations take the stance that staff members can start while their CRB check is being undertaken, providing that they do not remain unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults. Others do not wish members of staff to commence without it. If you have a safeguarding policy at your organisation, this will be a useful point of reference in deciding whether your treatment of this new recruit is consistent with your organisation’s practices.

You may want to discuss your reservations with an adviser from your local children’s safeguarding board to see what they recommend.

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